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Social Anxiety & Lacking in Confidence

Social anxiety is a fear of being put in the spotlight and negatively judged by other people, leading to feelings of self-consciousness, embarrassment, inadequacy, inferiority, humiliation, and can lead to depression.

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Social Anxiety & Lacking in Confidence

Comfort levels in social situations can significantly vary depending on the person, life experiences and personality. Some people are more gregarious and outgoing while others prefer to sit in the background, observe quietly and are naturally more reserved. Social anxiety disorder (formerly known as "social phobia") is a devastating and traumatic condition millions of people suffer with on a daily basis, either from a specific social anxiety or from a more generalised social anxiety.

A specific social anxiety would be the fear of speaking in front of groups e.g. giving a work presentation or attending an interview etc, where as those people with generalised social anxiety are uncomfortable, anxious and nervous in almost all social occasions.

Sign & Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder
People with social anxiety disorder usually experience significant emotional distress:-
Worrying about humiliating yourself in public
Fear of embarrassment and blushing
Fear of situations where you maybe judged
Fear other people will see you are anxious
Fears of most social occasions, especially around strangers
Worry about having to introduce yourself or being introduced to other people
Fear of being criticised
Fear of being the centre of attention e.g. own birthday party
Fear of being watched while doing something.

This is not a complete list of symptoms but you get the general idea. Other physiological sensations include racing heartbeat, fearful thoughts, going red in the face, dry mouth, perspiring, shaky voice or trembling hands and eye or face twitching.

Social Anxiety can lead to safety seeking and avoidant behaviour. This can involve refusing social invitations or an increase in sickness absence from work. Social Anxiety is a real condition of the mind and causes overwhelming feelings of fear, unhappiness and not being able to cope.

I felt a massive change in myself just after one session with Lorraine. I felt like I was able to mentally handle situations with a more positive mind set and I just felt so much fresher and happier. I felt as though I am more motivated and even sleeping better. I just felt like an even better version of myself. I honestly think everyone would benefit from this therapy, it honestly has helped me so much, in ways I can’t explain. I feel like I have had the help and support I’ve needed for so long.

Megan: Social Anxiety - Beauty Therapist

If you recognise yourself on this page and your anxiety is holding you back in your career or life in general, if you feel your at the foot of a very high mountain and you can’t seem to find the right path up, I can help you start the climb.

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